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      MasterChartsTrading - Sign-Up Today for a FREE 3 Week Trial of Our Trade Alerts Service!
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      Trader of Markets Founder of
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      Ozymandias, King of Kings
      Correlation is not causation. A trader must determine Path of Least Resistance in order to trade with a calculated edge.
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      Institutional Options Analyst
      We use most advance software to detect SUPPORT/RESISTANCE/CHART PATTERNS ACCURATELY & INSTITUTIONALS options blocks to find our trades! Join -> Learn how -> GAIN! FREE TRIAL
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      Charting, mentoring, trading, living at
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      While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth
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      The Russian
      Follow the Money. Other good things to follow @The_Stock_Whisperer for trading coaching, risk & psychology @alphatrends for price progression / trend trading - @Sassy_SPY for Options Trading - @NorthmanTrader for fundamentals and pattern recognition.
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      Jeff York
      Wall Street is the Worlds Largest Casino! My quantitative methodology shows traders and active investors market timing opportunities using multiple pivot points. TwitterID: @Pivotal_Pivots
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      Investor Net
      Independent trader with 10 experience in the markets of stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, commodities and investment funds.
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      Declan Fallon
      Former Nematologist - Current Market Commentator. Senior Market Technician for,, and Views & opinions are my own - use at your risk - you know the drill!
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      Full time Trader , SWING Trader : If you Have full Confidence in your setup , then Fear of losing is only an illusion.
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      Jon Hayes
      Over 2000 trades in $TVIX, Return 900%-2015. Use RTA Hedge Software for every trade. $60 membership, with 2 ChatRooms, detailed watchlists. *Live Trading-Coming Soon!
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      Bill Gunderson Official Account
      President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Host of nationally syndicated Best Stocks Now Radio Hour. Inventor of Best Stocks Now app. Frequent contributor to Fox, CNBC, Marketwatch & TheStreet.
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      Kevin B. Bantz
      Reading the Music of the Markets One Crescendo at a Time. Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F. Hutton alum, keep listening.
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      Darvas Box Trading System
      18 yrs exp, I use the Darvas Box trading system from the book "How I made $2 Million in the market" by Nicolas Darvas. I have a corporate day-job on the side, ha. Rule #1: don't lose money. God bless America
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      Richard Suttmeier
      Suttmeier, a former U.S. Treasury trader has more than 40 years of experience in the U.S. financial markets. Suttmeier is an engineer by education with a master of science degree. He has been writing newsletters and market commentaries since 1984,
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      ETF Daily News
      ETF Daily News gives you one source for the latest daily headlines helping you to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds.
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      Index ETF Trader
      Analysis & high probability systems trading. Trades from my high probability Trend Buck System © to eventually be announced b/n 3:30 & 3:55 EST on a private feed. Daily system: accurate 1-2 day outlook Weekly system: accurate 1-2 week outlook.
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      Dennis Dick Official Account
      CFA charterholder. Prop trader and market structure consultant with Bright Trading, specializing in pair trading, crutch trading, contrarian, technical, and algorithmic (HFT) trading. Views expressed here are for informational purposes only.