thomas Joined Mar 19, 2013

trying to call tops and bottoms and find the elusive superstock

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ZX
    China Zenix Auto International
  2. $OXF
    Oxford Resource Partners, L.P.
  3. $TUR
    iShares MSCI Turkey Invest Mkt Index
  4. $GPL
    Great Panther Silver Ltd
  5. $JJU
    iPath DJ-UBS Aluminum TR Sub-Idx ETN
  6. $AMKR
    Amkor Technology, Inc.
  7. $CLD
    Cloud Peak Energy Inc.
  8. $AKG
    Asanko Gold Inc.
  9. $CHNR
    China Natural Resources Inc.
  10. $SUTR
    Sutor Technology Group Limited
  11. $SQM
    Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile Inc.
  12. $KGJI
    Kingold Jewelry, Inc.
  13. $CDR
    Cedar Shopping Centers Inc.
  14. $FAN
    First Trust Global Wind Energy
  15. $MVG
    Mag Silver Corp.
  16. $NTDOY
    Nintendo Co.