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    Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

    @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have 5+ years of experience watching and writing about markets. Always learning. Slowly pursuing the CFA.


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      The Suspended
      Running a smart, safe community isn't easy. Here are some fun examples of messages sent to the StockTwits team by people who can’t play nice.
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      Run a Investors Business Daily Meetup , and a Trade Station Users Group, Now Organizer of a Stock Twits Meetup and a options group,, blah blah lol.. oh yeah and BBQ King Extraordinaire!!!! All opinions are my own and not investment advice...
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      Technician Official Account
      Technician is a technical analysis, charting, and trading platform built for the mobile world. The full app is available with real-time data for free.
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      Technical & momentum swing trader. I follow institutional order flow through options, block trades, and dark pools. Solid TA w/ a touch of Wyckoff & following the $. I am not a financial advisor. Entertainment only. See link for open trades real time
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      Visit to see what a past investment would be worth today. You can also compare a stock's performance to the S&P 500 over an extended period of time.
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      Investingcom Official Account is a leading financial web portal that offers real-time quotes, streaming charts, up-to-date financial news, technical analysis and more.
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      Lrry Keho
      49. Born raised Northwest NJ. School at Indiana University. Denver, Dallas, back to Indy. Married with two kids.
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      All In Capital
      handle derived from the biggest trade I went into, all in on one ticker. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #AIC
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      Barton Frets
      Learned trading by reading, studying, failing and getting up to try again. Professional trader for the last 12 years. My only goal here is to share stock ideas and to contribute to a community.
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      Bear Grill Vince
      Take what the market gives you and be thankful to trade another day. The market isn't your friend. Jab and move, jab and move. You need excellent footwork to survive. // My opinion, your wallet.
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      1 winning trade at a time! Always lock in profits when present! Once you sell keep it in the rear view mirror! Find The Next Opportunity! Wait with cash 4 A+ Setups! Dont rush trades!Patience Pay$
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      Swing trader and sometimes day trader. Focus on news and trends. Buy low, sell on the pop. I post stock ideas not advice.
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      Henri Steenkamp
      Henri Steenkamp is the CFO, Treasurer, and CCO of Saratoga Investment Advisors, LLC. He works and lives primarily in New York City.
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      Joe Hentges
      see website
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      Nova Capital
      I have been independently studying finance and trading for over a year. I trade with a live account as well as paper (If I'm posting ideas it's not for the paper trades).
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      Bitcoin Magazine Official Account
      The most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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      Activist Stocks
      Using activist investors for idea generation.
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      Allan Oulate
      Allan Oulate is a financial consultant with over a decade of experience. Allan is also founder of Oulate Financial, a company that provides expert guidance, strategy, and planning to clients who want to achieve financial security.