Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

From the bay area, now in Cambridge, MA. Interested in market breadth and shareholder yield. Market cap is my favorite metric. Currently bullish and overweight solar energy and Bill Gross.


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    The Market Sleuth
    Stock market pundit, ex-journalist, professional trader, amateur violinist. Ten years' experience with financial derivatives and other unmentionables.
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    Conservative Investor. Observer & Follower of the Markets. I trade high-reward low-risk moments in time, price & value. The opportunities4 EXCEPTIONAL returns r abundant. My observations of moments in markets=transitory in nature ≠ financial advice.
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    Prudent Investor
    Portfolio and risk manager with CFA certificate and Master degree.
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    Trending Well
    Tools to enable you to make better decisions faster using social data.
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    Brett Fingerhut
    Brett Fingerhut is an experience financial professional based in Miami, Florida. He is currently an analyst at Investor Solutions, based in Miami.
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    Arun Chopra CFA, CMT
    All charts/comments strictly for information and educational purposes only. Suitability, specific circumstances not taken into account. Comments/posts are idea generation only, do your own due diligence.
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    Todd Wenning Official Account
    Often found writing about dividends, small-caps, and moats. Opinions here are my own. AMDG
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    We highlight stocks that have a history of beating analyst estimates, and stocks that will beat them in the future
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    Heavy WD Gann Analysis including Permanent Charts, Square of 9, Wheel 24, Hexagon Movement, the Squares of Odd and Even Numbers and the Square of 52, swing charts, seasonal changes and Multiple Cycles Analysis, "Time is the Resistance to Price"
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    Raoul Pal Official Account
    Founder - Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Television, Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist, Economic Historian, Traveller and Rum Drinker...
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    Stock Circles Inc
    We offer stock market recommendations based on social media analytics and algorithms. Be the first to know and get alerts when social consensus changes.
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    Jonathan Smith
    Studying Market Trending, Sector Trending, Technical, Fundamentals, Value
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    Chicagostock Trading
    Professional futures short term / long term trade signals.
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    Providing online investors with stocks and options scanning tools. Scan the entire universe of US publicly traded stocks for trading opportunities based on technical or fundamental parameters of your choice.
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    TalkMarkets Recap
    A recap of our day's most popular headlines. Check us out at for a customized reading experience covering the top financial and business news, opinion and analysis on the web.
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    HedgeMind Official Account
    HedgeMind is a Place for Investors and Traders to Learn, Leverage, and Profit from stock picks of the Wall Street's Best Minds.
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    Dirk Zondag, Jr.
    Trade options and stock when I see good setups; I work, fish, ski, bike and golf too.
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    My trading style utilizes simple supply/demand levels based on volume profiles, trend lines and gap analysis. I steer clear of most moving averages, candles, and use indicators only as odds enhancers. My area to improve on is limiting losses.
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    Patrick Campbell
    I behave poorly on cheap golf courses while I trade the spoos like a champ and sometimes like a chimp!