Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

Interested in market breadth and shareholder yield. Market cap is my favorite metric. Currently bullish and overweight investment firms and Bill Gross. Previously: solar. From the Bay Area, now in Cambridge, MA.


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    Chris DeMuth Jr
    I am just a fellow looking for an edge. We purchase securities when prices are close to their downsides and when a specific corporate event will unlock value and returns our capital regardless of the movement of the broader market.
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    Daniel Ward
    Investment Banking Analyst with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. CFA candidate and Seeking Alpha writer. Specializing in value biotech and write Biotech Weekly. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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    jacob mintz Official Account
    Jacob Mintz is a professional options trader and chief analyst of Cabot Options Trader. Using his proprietary options scans, Jacob creates and manages positions based on risk/reward. Jacob traded on the floor of CBOE for 10 years.
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    Long term investor with 20+ years in pharmaceutical industry and a focus on developmental biotech companies. Do your own DD before investing. My thoughts and posts are not investment advice...just my thoughts.
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    *** I put 1% MAX risk per trade.*** Trading is not just my job but my PASSION. Avoid Turning a Winning Trade into a Losing Trade ...
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    Jeff Macke Official Account
    Professional investor since 1997. +19.5% net annualized returns from 1998-2005. Original cast member of Fast Money. Host on Yahoo Finance 2011- March 2015. Author: Clash of the Financial Pundits w/ Josh Brown
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    Interests include making a TON of fucking money in the stock market: trends, growth, momentum, options, hold 1-12 mo. Shred guitarist. ROCK STAR, fiction author, app developer. Porn star lover. Real Estate flipper, whiskey consumer, cool ass MO FO
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    Matthew B
    Worked in NYC for 13 years, mostly stocks, now live in Panama managing mostly EM debt. FRM (Financial Risk Manager)
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    James D
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    Sebastian J.
    I am a passionate value investor. DCF, EBIT and Graham Valuation, are my main tools to assess fair values. You will also find me posting net-nets or cigar butts as Benjamin Graham would say. Feel free to suggest me interesting stocks to analyse!
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    Roberto Claro
    SMB Capital training Start up Fund Manager
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    Anthony Marino III
    Im a bearish bull if that makes any sense
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    Mark Litwin
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    Rupam Shrivastava
    Rupam is an IIT, MIT, Berkeley, Columbia alum with a CFA, CAIA and FRM. He started Euthenia as an investor's club to trade options with fully documented trades. Our returns are at 21% annualized compared to 6% of S&P (as of 24 July 2015)
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    Skippy von Snootington
    Currently, I'm only day trading stocks between $1 and $3 using the Worden TC 2000. I use a scan to find breakout stocks in the aforementioned price range. Primary chart indicators used are the MACD, MACD Histogram, and the Aroon.
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    Charles Moon
    I am the head educator/trader for the equities division of Trading Advantage LLC. Here to share ideas and opinions(which are not advice)
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    "Ride Da Waves Bra" just comical charts w some Satire comical heat.. all posts are for fun, humor & laughs in this wild stock market ..GL
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    College Student
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    Trade Reversal
    Trade Reversal LLC is a research publisher of a multi-newsletter network for all financial instrument types including Stocks, Options, and ETF’s. All opinions are my own and should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.