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    Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

    @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have 5+ years of experience watching and writing about markets. Always learning. Slowly pursuing the CFA.


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      TickerTags Official Account
      We connect trending social content to investable companies through the monitoring of Tags that have the potential to impact a company's business or public perception. Each Ticker specific Tag is community sourced and maintained.
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      General Electric Official Account
      $GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world.
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      Suri Duddella
      Suri Duddella, 20+ years full-time Futures/Equities/Options Trader. Patterns based Algorithmic Trading. Author -- "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" book. Automated Pattern Galleries/Research/Blog:
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      Peter Leahy
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      Ichimoku cloud swing trader based on underlying fundamentals and technical analysis. WD Gann: Time is more important than price. Visit my buddy's site below for time reversal points.
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      Joe Saluzzi
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      Hannah Ishmael
      Hannah Ishmael graduated with an economics degree from Columbia University, and now covers the pharma industry for Bidness Etc.
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      Guy Doherty
      Teacher of strategic gaming and thought. Individual investor and trader since the mid 1980s. Not a pro, nor any claims thereto. My opinion is mine, and offers zero in the way of any guarantee. Fundamental/technical hybrid approach.
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      Matt Soleyn
      Project manager and problem solver. #Northeastern University graduate. Fan of #travel. Posts often on #finance, stocks, and the #economy. Fiscal conservative and fan of free markets.
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      Dawson Merkley
      TD Bank Teller & P/T Trader. I target and follow Canadian and US stocks with large growth potential, strong numbers, great fundimentals, and strong technical indicators. Canadian!
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      StockTwits Pump Patrol Official Account
      Serving Investors. Protecting against nefarious operators looking to separate unwitting investors from their hard-earned money. Working in conjuction with @STsquadcar to keep the streets clean.
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      James Mark
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      Patrick Bateman
      I'm focused primarily on undervalued Bio stocks trading @ <$10 with promising pipelines & novel therapies. My strategy employs obsessively thorough DD which helps me stay above the noise of the Street. PS: Did you know that I'm utterly insane?
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      Jay Greenberg
      LexShares Co-founder and CEO; LexShares is an online marketplace enabling individuals to invest in litigation.
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      Callum Thomas Official Account
      Multi asset investment strategist. My views are my own (and not advice!). Likes: charts, multi-asset investing, economics, geopolitics, contrarianism
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      Jay Taylor
      @WyattResearch & Seeking Alpha contributor, private investor. Freelance writer and social media specialist by trade.
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      Tad Doughty Official Account
      Financial advisor working for a leading RIA. I currently manage approximately $130M of client assets. Opinions are my own & not considered advice.
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      Chris Ciaccia Official Account
      Ex hedge fund analyst, write tech news at TheStreet. $TST