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    Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

    Interested in market breadth. But market cap is my favorite metric. I have been trading $JNS all year on the Bill Gross hire. Won a few big ones, got drilled during the correction. Previously all $FSLR. Bay Area, Cambridge, now DC.


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      Interests include making a TON of fucking money in the stock market: trends, momentum, options, hold 1-12 mo. Shred guitarist. ROCK STAR, fiction author, app developer. Porn star lover. House flipper, UFC fan, whiskey consumer, cool ass MO FO
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      Matthew B
      Worked in NYC for 13 years, mostly stocks, now live in Panama managing mostly EM debt. FRM (Financial Risk Manager)
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      James D
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      Sebastian J.
      Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. "Warren Buffett" ............. DCF, Graham and EBIT valuation are my main tools in assessing the intrinsic value. Feel free to suggest me interesting stocks to analyse!
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      Roberto Claro
      SMB Capital training Start up Fund Manager
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      Anthony Marino III
      Investor, trader
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      Mark Litwin
      $MITK Holding calls
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      Rupam Shrivastava
      Rupam Shrivastava, CFA is an IIT, MIT, Columbia alum and a contributor to TheStreet ( His trades are fully documented on with annualized cash return of 17% (as of Sep 12 2015)
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      Skippy von Snootington
      The von Snootington Family engages in day trading, swing trading, and long term trading. Our primary objectives are making money, reuniting the entire Seinfeld cast, and world domination.
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      Charles Moon
      I am the head educator/trader for the equities division of Trading Advantage LLC. Here to share ideas and opinions(which are not advice)
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      College Student
      Don't copy me, I am just beginner :) Btw, you want bitcoin, just create an account: Also accepting lucky donations lol :) Here is my address: 1Cdw7c6B9d72WE8xQHCZKSvnQHBEUKBYw9
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      Trade Reversal 23 years studying Charts. Cycle, Technical Chart research publisher. SERVICE IS FREE. All financial instruments, Chat Room. Opinions are my own and should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      Daily chart alerts, trade inside bar on all time frames, Use Fibonacci levels & 8/21 expotential moving averages to trim/trail buy/add on break/close above resistance, buy bullish reversals with upside.
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      First Derivatives
      Now Available on Bloomberg Terminals APPS DNA<Go> <><> Want a ChartDNA analysis of your stock? Follow @ChartDNA and DM with stock, % stop, % target, time interval, long or short
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      Paul Rejczak
      Stock Trading Strategist at
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      Brian B. Kim
      The charts I post are my interpretations of mere possibilities & never trade recommendations or advice. Be patient and develop your own trading style that first and foremost controls risk. Author: "Trading Stocks Using Classical Chart Patterns"
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      Anthony Verdone
      Day/Swing/Position Trader @ Contact me at if you need help with trading and/or investing. One on One mentoring
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      GeckoiCapital Analytics is a private information and research website designed specifically for small retail traders that have exposure to NYMEX (Henry Hub) Natural Gas futures.
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      Robinhood Official Account