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    Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

    @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have two accounts: long-term holds and swing trades. 5+ years of experience watching and writing about markets. Always learning.


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      Fraser Bridge
      High frequency trading and high frequency profits. Join a group a sharp minded and forward thinking traders as we predict the big moves in the market days in advanced. Click the invite link below to get your free invitation!
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      Professional Trader managing a successful Options Alert newsletter with focus on Technical trading. I believe consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness !!
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      Ex Lehman Brothers, Raymond James since 1987 (Yep that crash)
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      StockJumpers is a trading club and newsletter service that provides an accurate alternative source of information for investors and traders
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      T F
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      David Kaner
      I am a mortgage consultant since 1996. Ex-Navy 1986 to 1990.
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      Ryan John Davidson
      A venturer who seeks opportunities all over WS as passive income. Aggressive short seller on incompetent biotech stocks and companies with fraudulent activities. Oil/Gold/SPY trader who started in 2012 and made $73K thus far. Penn graduate. NTMU
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      Growth Stocks at Value Prices
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      Russell K Brett
      Value Investor & Position/Swing Trader (equity & options). Leave Daytrading to the impatient (I do DT Nadex, tho) Fundamental & Technical analysis go together. Believe in compounding dividends long term. No strong Bull or Bear bias. Keep an open mind
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      IQbanker Official Account
      Follow the money Uncover hidden economic links between stocks and understand how market moving news events such as earning announcement affect related companies in the supply chain
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      Johnny Vedo
      Financial Advisor-->Institutional Trader Day Trader. Technical Analysis. Hedge Fund Ideas
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      Raj Patel
      Trend Following Stock Analysis System. Be on the right side of the trend! We make it easy as following weather channel. Prepare yourself for outcome!
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      Private equity professional. Hold FINRA Series 7 (General Securities Rep) and Series 63 (Uniform Securities Agent State Law). Involved in $4 billion pe/vc/real estate investments/private placements. Student of macro-economics/TA reliance secondary.
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      Trader Joe
      Author, professional daytrader and main contributor to
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      Tiffany S
      It is a beautiful morning. Now let's go make some money!!
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      OptionAlarm Trading Room
      Visit the site and Try a Free Trial to the Trading Room and Private Twitter Feed. We're a momentum room trading options of stocks that are moving. Don't waste your time w/stocks that aren't moving. Traders of all levels are welcome!!
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      Rogerio Ambar
      Stock Trader / Day Trader / Futures Swing Trader Looking for my first billion dollar
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      We Love ideas and ST banter! New to ST but our service has been around 5+ yrs-tracking CEO/CFO buys/sells. Will always post our info on ST but only give our proven buy alerts through email. FREE signup below or
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      Jay Russo
      Researcher/Statistician as my 9-5. Started learning the ropes and trading as of Jan. 2016, and have seen a 10% gain! I know what I don't know, and am open to people's experiences, wisdom, and resources if you are willing to share.
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      Tim LeGendre
      Been in the markets since 2011. Right now I'm just doing small trades using chart patterns, building up my account and my trading knowledge.