Victor Roberts Joined Oct 09, 2013

Learning trading. I welcome suggestions/guidance. I'm an MD in Florida. Waiting to start Global healthcare Co. Have ideas to start Clinics in USA to benefit from "Obama Care"! Proud of "Telangana" (newest state in India) INVEST IN INDIA not China

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ACRX
    Acelrx Pharmaceuticals
  2. $APA
    Apache Corp.
  3. $SYNM
    Syntroleum Corp.
  4. $IRBT
    iRobot Corporation
  5. $SONS
    Sonus Networks, Inc.
  6. $PAY
    VeriFone Systems, Inc
  7. $TGE
    TGC Industries Inc.
  8. $IMGN
    Immunogen Inc.
  9. $FIO
    Fusion-io, Inc.
  10. $ADXS
    Advaxis Inc.
  11. $STXS
    Stereotaxis Inc.
  12. $NAVB
    Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
  13. $ATHX
    Athersys, Inc.
  14. $PMCS
    PMC-Sierra Inc.
  15. $MENT
    Mentor Graphics Corp.
  16. $GNVC
    GenVec, Inc.
  17. $CYTR
    CytRx Corporation
  18. $JE
    Just Energy Group Inc.
  19. $CORT
    Corcept Therapeutics Inc.
  20. $ARCW
    ARCW Group Worldwide, Inc.