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Algorithm-based trading system that has beaten the market for 5 years. Optimized strategies for each stock, and it only takes 15 mins a day to do your trading!


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    Karyn 'Kyt' Kennedy Fleck

    *Retired myself from careers. L<3VE Tech, Bio/Health Sectors! Twitter for fun @KytKatz & @Dollarocracy for serious. Adore my dogs, music, tech/gadgets, philanthropy/altruism & eco/green! All the best, Kyt :j #BullYa #LGRT
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    A D JA JP R S

    T-F Swing Traders. No BS marketing, no chart posts, comments only, if you don't understand go off line & study. Collaborate with those you know & trust, don`t tolerate fools & charlatans. No one-upmanship, make & keep money. Guidance only.
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    Sam Mitchell

    I invest in companies with strong fundamentals which are also significantly undervalued, presenting a good margin of safety. I write extensively about my ideas and investment strategies on my blog at
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    Michael G. Spooner

    Individual investor: Started investing in 2008 and have been trading since September 2013.
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    Streetwise Reports

    Focused on the precious metals, energy, life sciences and other metals sectors. Streetwise Reports features the leading investment coverage of gold, oil, uranium, biotech, pharma, rare earths, alternative energy, silver, platinum, medtech & potash.
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    Weekly Option Play

    WeeklyOptionPlays offers Premium and Basic Plans for Weekly Options. Weekly Option Plays also issues Stocks. Visit us to know more.
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    The Market is an organism. Alive and breathing
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    lorraine de rensis

    mba, fordham university former morgan stanley avp equity marketing swing trader
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    Carl Hunt

    You would'nt believe it if I told you... (972) 827-2222
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    vivienne coe

    Options trader. My trades are for bullish trades for the most part, and of course everyone must do their own due diligence.
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    Carol - seeking profit opportunities in both rising & falling markets, tho I prefer the bull side. Founder of a non-profit German Shepherd Rescue and VP of The Seminar Group. I trade using pocket pivots & O'Neil's CANSLIM methods.
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    Jude Brec

    McKinsey @ Co Hofstra U
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    Anthony Davis

    Daytrader subscribing to High Risk High Reward. Extensive trading experience.
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    John Diago

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    Michael Gazda

    Career = Medical Physicist. Hobby = Swing Trader. Looking for stocks with that rare RSI(2)<1 to play for a 1 day pop. Must also be in an uptrend, of course.
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    Mike L.

    A work in progress, trader for 25 yrs. thru brokers (remember those) past 5 yrs. full time scalp,swing and now options picked up bits pieces from some great traders on ST since 09 what a great resource! Thanks
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    E McFadden

    Still on the practice squad.
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    CDM Capital

    CDM Capital is a private investment manager focused on due diligence-based value investments and special situation investing.