Stocktoberfest - Investing for Profit and Joy

Stocktoberfest is back and bigger than ever for Year THREE. We invite you back to Coronado on October 27 and 28th for another interactive festival on 'Investing for Profit and Joy'.

We have one simple goal for this event and that is for you to make money. We guarantee you will leave Coronado with many clear ideas on trends and strategies and an amazing network you can build from for the rest of your financial career.

If you love stocks and markets and talking about them all day long - Stocktoberfest will always be for you. There will be 20 Breakout sessions over the course of two days on everything from starting a paid newsletter, to using social media to starting a hedge fund and how to read a chart and use a mobile brokerage and set up your desk and daily routines of the best minds in the business. The best voices from our community will be sharing strategies and ideas and brainstorming on how to make money as a trader and investor.

As always, we dive deep into huge trends in progress - this year we will dig into the theme of 'Silicon Valley Eating Wall Street'. Is it for real? Is it hype? Is Bloomberg untouchable? Who are the disruptors and from the founders themselves, what does the next 5 years look like from both Wall Street and Silicon Valley and in Between. We will take a Deep dive into Crowdfunding and Angel Investing with amazing startups - Angel List, Our Crowd and Crowdability.

We will continue to have the most talented and interesting financial thinkers, money managers, traders and family offices talking about stocks and markets and their ideas, picks, routines, products and systems that they use and are thinking about for 2015 and beyond.

This year more than 20 companies will be showcasing their financial apps and utility software products on our show lobby floor. You can meet the founders, try the products, and see the future of the financial web.

As always the days will be mixed with great entreprenuers and investors that don't necessarily think about stocks and markets, but are changing the industries and markets they attack, and will offer valuable insight that you won't get from traditional media or market sites and newsletters. My favorite big ideas come from talking to the founders and executives of disruptive technology startups who are not thinking month to month or quarter to quarter results.

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Howard Lindzon

Chairman and Co-founder StockTwits, Managing Partner of Social Leverage

Howard Lindzon is co-founder and CEO of StockTwits® – a social network for traders and investors to share real-time ideas and information. StockTwits was recently named “one of the top 10 most innovative companies in web” by FastCompany and one of the “50 best websites” by Time magazine.

Mr. Lindzon has more than twenty years experience in the financial community acting in both an entrepreneurial and investing capacity. With a unique vision for starting and successfully managing innovative companies, he is the Managing Partner of Social Leverage, a holding company that invests in early stage web businesses. Howard continues to manage a hedge fund he started in 1998.

John Melloy

CEO, StockTwits

John Melloy was recently named the chief executive officer of StockTwits.

Formerly, he was the Executive Producer of CNBC's "Fast Money" (M-Thu 5PM-6PM ET) and the Executive Producer and creator of the "Halftime Report" (Weekdays 12:30PM). Halftime Report was the network's highest rated show in the key demo last quarter.

Melloy controlled the editorial direction of the show each day with the goal of getting ahead of the news using the information provided by the panelists of traders. The show's mission is to be the complete post-market show, giving the viewer all the information they should have known about today and should know about tomorrow. If you don't hear about it on Fast first, it probably doesn't matter to the top traders on Wall Street.

In 2010, Melloy lead the control room during the Emmy-nominated show "Investing in America: A CNBC Town Hall Event With President Obama."

Prior to joining CNBC in 2006, Melloy was the team leader of U.S. Stock Market coverage for Bloomberg News. In that position, Melloy was lead editor on all stories about the stock market's daily movements, future investment strategy, trades by noteworthy investors, and market-moving upgrades and downgrades. The team of reporters under his direction also covered the U.S. stock exchanges.

Before becoming an editor and team leader for Bloomberg News, Melloy was a reporter covering the stock market and its participants. His articles appeared in various publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. He was a also a frequent on-air guest on Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio.

Melloy began his news career as a producer for Bloomberg Television based at the New York Stock Exchange, where he covered the re-opening of The Big Board following 9/11.

Later, he would develop a segment for Bloomberg TV called "The Bloomberg Edge," which used sophisticated screening tools from the Bloomberg Terminal to provide investment ideas for viewers.

Melloy has a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Villanova University in Philadelphia and a Masters degree in Business from Fordham University in New York. While at Villanova, Melloy was the color commentator for the student-radio broadcasts of basketball and football games.

Jack Schwager

Author, Co-portfolio Manager for ADM Investor Services Diversified Strategies Fund,

Mr. Schwager is a recognized industry expert in futures and hedge funds and the author of a number of widely acclaimed financial books. He is one of the founders of Fund Seeder, a platform designed to find undiscovered trading talent worldwide and connect unknown successful traders with sources of investment capital.

Previously, Mr. Schwager was a partner in the Fortune Group (2001-2010), a London-based hedge fund advisory firm. He was one of the firm’s three partners responsible for manager selection and portfolio construction. The Fortune Group constructed bespoke hedge fund portfolios to meet clients’ needs. The firm served an advisory role on over $800 million in assets. The Fortune Group was fully acquired by Close Brothers Group, an exchange-listed U.K. merchant bank.

His previous experience also includes 22 years as Director of Futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms, most recently Prudential Securities.

Mr. Schwager has written extensively on the futures industry and great traders in all financial markets. He is perhaps best known for his best-selling series of interviews with the greatest hedge fund managers of the last three decades: Market Wizards (1989), The New Market Wizards (1992), Stock Market Wizards (2001), Hedge Fund Market Wizards (2012), and The Little Book of Market Wizards (2014). His other books include Market Sense and Nonsense (2012), a compendium of investment misconceptions, and the three-volume series, Schwager on Futures, consisting of Fundamental Analysis (1995), Technical Analysis (1996), and Managed Trading (1996). He is also the author of Getting Started in Technical Analysis (1999), part of John Wiley’s popular Getting Started series.

Mr. Schwager is a frequent seminar speaker and has lectured on a range of analytical topics including the characteristics of great traders, investment fallacies, hedge fund portfolios, managed accounts, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation. He holds a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College (1970) and an MA in Economics from Brown University (1971).

William R. Gurtin

CEO, CIO, Managing Director 28 Years Financial Industry Experience

William R. Gurtin is Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and founder of Gurtin Fixed Income. He also serves as a member of the Investment Committee. Gurtin Fixed Income manages over $7.6 billion in assets on behalf of wealthy family groups.

Prior to founding Gurtin Fixed Income, Mr. Gurtin was Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed income Investments for The Gurtin Group at Morgan Stanley. Mr. Gurtin brings 28 years of experience in the Financial Industry, including nine years at Morgan Stanley where he managed high grade fixed income portfolios exclusively for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals. Upon his departure from Morgan Stanley in January 2008 his team was responsible for overseeing more than $5 billion in assets. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Gurtin served in a similar capacity with Merrill Lynch for four years (1995-1999), and with Goldman Sachs for 10 years (1985-1995).

Mr. Gurtin has been included in the Barron's listing of the Top 100 Wealth Advisors each of the four years following the inaugural survey in 2004. In 2007, Mr. Gurtin was one of only two advisors in the United States to be included in the Top 100 lists compiled by Barron's, Worth Magazine, and Registered Representative Magazine.

Mr. Gurtin graduated with honors from Brown University in 1982 with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He received an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in 1985. While attending the University of Chicago, and prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Gurtin spent three years in brand management at the Quaker Oats Company.

Currently, Mr. Gurtin serves on The Board of Trustees and Finance Committee for the Francis Parker School, and the Southern California Executive Committee for Brown University.

Emanuel Balarie

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fund Seeder

Emanuel Balarie is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fund Seeder. A known industry expert in the commodity markets, managed futures/fx, and alternative investment space, Mr. Balarie has developed a unique specialty in discovering and funding unrecognized trading talent. Over the years, he has traveled and met traders from all over the globe and connected them to his diverse client base, ranging from Investment Funds, Institutions, Family Offices, and High Net Worth Investors. Mr. Balarie is also the managing director of Balarie Capital Management. In 2014, Balarie Capital won highly commend for Best Cap Intro at the CTA Intelligence Awards. Mr. Balarie is also the author of the book Commodities for Every Portfolio: How You Can Profit From the Long-Term Commodity Boom (Wiley 2007). He also has appeared numerous times on CNBC, and is frequently quoted in dozens of financial publications such as, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Marketwatch from Dow Jones, Barron’s, MSN Money, and Bloomberg.

David Cohen

Founder and CEO, Techstars

David Cohen is the founder and CEO of Techstars. Previously, David was a founder of several software and web technology companies. He was the founder and CTO of Pinpoint Technologies which was acquired by $ZOLL Medical Corporation in 1999. You can read about it in No Vision, All Drive [Amazon]. David was also the founder and CEO of, a music service which was sold to in 2006. He also had what he likes to think of as a “graceful failure” in between.

David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at He recently co-authored Do More Faster with Brad Feld. He is also very active at the University of Colorado, serving as a member of the Board of Advisors of the Computer Science Department, the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board at Silicon Flatirons, and the Board of Advisors of the Deming Center Venture Fund. He is a member of the selection committee for Venture Capital in the Rockies, and runs the Colorado chapter of the Open Angel Forum. His hobbies are technology, software/web startups, business history, and tennis. He is married to the coolest girl he’s ever met and has three amazing kids who always seem to be teaching him something new.

Michael Parekh


A Wall Streeter for over 20 years, former partner at Goldman Sachs, and founder of its Internet Research effort in 1994, Michael has been living online since the early days of CompuServe in the 80s and AOL in the '90s.

Michael is an active advisor & investor in start-up internet companies, and is on the board of Stocktwits.

As a long-time active investor, he is focused on both private and public, technology-driven disruptive opportunities.

At Goldman Sachs in the Michael helped build the Internet Research effort at the firm, which eventually comprised of many analysts covering major internet segments around the world.

Michael was the lead research analyst for the IPOs of Internet companies like UUNET, Yahoo!, eBay, DoubleClick, Webex, LoudCloud, Exodus, Equinix, amongst many other pioneering companies, as well as covering companies like America Online and Netscape. He was an Institutional Investor ranked analyst for several years.

His focus spanned Internet sectors from software, access, infrastructure, and wireless to online commerce and content companies worldwide.

Michael started his career at Goldman Sachs in 1982, developing the firm's equities business in the Middle East, with high net worth family offices and sovereign wealth funds.

He got his MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982, and BSc at Auburn University in 1980.

A native of India, Michael, aka Mukesh, grew up in the middle east., coming to the US in 1977 for college.

Michael is a life-long gadget addict, and is generally found to be carrying around more chargers than anyone should.

Mike Bellafiore

Co-founded SMB Capital

Mike Bellafiore co-founded SMB Capital, a proprietary trading firm in New York City, and SMBU, its trader education company. He is the author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade and The PlayBook. He also co-authored a chapter for The StockTwits Edge, in which he discussed a favorite trading setup. Mr. Bellafiore also writes regularly for the globally popular SMBU blog, where he shares ideas on how to improve trading performance. Mike’s trading techniques were noted in The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist, written by Dr. Steenbarger and has been recognized in The Inner Voice of Trading by Michael Martin. As an international lecturer, Mr. Bellafiore has built trader trading programs globally for hedge funds, prop trading desks, and retail traders, working with some of the world's largest traders.

SMB Capital’s trader-training program was highlighted in the TV documentary Wall Street Warriors. His firm has appeared regularly on CNBC’s Fast Money, CNNMoney, Bloomberg, and Fox Business.

Mike is a former college athlete and member of the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees. He lives with his wife and new son on the Upper West Side in NYC.

Blair Jensen

Co-Founder of Trade Followers

Blair Jensen is Co-Founder of Trade Followers. The Trade Followers algorithm creates financial indicators by quantifying the StockTwits and Twitter streams. These indicators provide investment ideas and trade setups for active market participants.

Blair has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology. His work has centered on simplifying large datasets to provide clients with easy access to critical information necessary for decision making.

Bastiaan Janmaat

CEO and co-founder of DataFox Intelligence

Bastiaan is the CEO and co-founder of DataFox Intelligence, a deal intelligence platform backed by Google Ventures.

Prior to launching DataFox, Bastiaan worked in private equity and venture capital for Goldman Sachs’ "European Special Situations Group." He later served as Director of Business Development for a Kleiner Perkins portfolio company, before getting his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Gregor Macdonald

Financial Author

Gregor Macdonald believes the world has entered another historic energy transition. He has written for The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Financial Times of London, The Harvard Business Review, The Oil Drum, and The Petroleum Economist.

Gregor has produced multiple newsletters for investors in the energy sector, including his latest:, a monthly newsletter covering macro trends in global energy. Gregor also worked with Howard Lindzon and Philip Pearlman to develop the first internet broadcast on the platform. He is currently pursuing new projects in energy research, primarily in energy data.

Semil Shah

General Partner, Haystack Fund

Semil Shah has been working on mobile products and mobile product marketing for the past three years, for companies such as Swell, IFTTT, and more, as well as participating as a seed investor in many mobile-related companies. He's an investor with Haystack Fund and a consultant with a handful of Sand Hill VC firms.

Shawn Carpenter

Co-Founder, CEO YCharts

Shawn Carpenter is co-founder and CEO of YCharts®. Shawn has been an active investor for over 15 years. He spent three years at Google, where he led strategy & revenue intelligence efforts for the Local Vertical. Before Google, he led business development and new product launches for Classified Ventures. In 1998, Shawn founded WallStreetView to launch one of the first real-time investor portals for individual investors. Shawn holds a BS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been called a “Web Whiz” by Crains and has appeared on Fox Business, CNBC and is a contributor to SeekingAlpha and Forbes.

Eddy Elfenbein

Editor of Crossing Wall Street

Eddy Elfenbein is the Editor of Crossing Wall Street. He was named by CNN/Money as the best buy-and-hold blogger. His free Buy List has beaten the S&P 500 for the last seven years in a row. He also writes a free weekly newsletter, CWS Market Review.

Lydia Idem Finkley

Founding Principal of Faith Might, LLC

Lydia Idem Finkley has been investing in equities for 18 years and actively trading currencies for 7 years. With a special feel for sterling, Lydia trades exclusively GBP currency pairs, particularly the GBPUSD and EURGBP. Her approach to forex trading has amassed quite a following on Twitter and StockTwits. She has been a special guest on forex radio shows like Euodoo Radio and FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room; featured in FORBES Magazine and CNNMoney; and co-author/contributor to The StockTwits Edge and Trading: The Best of The Best. Lydia blogs her trade analysis and ideas at FaithMightFX. Her articles can also be found on popular forex websites such as StockTwits FX, ForexPros, and Benzinga to name a few.

Lydia has a Master of Science in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She has founded, advised and invested in several different startups for the past 13 years. In 2012, Lydia expanded her portfolio into Africa and is looking to make a bigger footprint on the continent.

Paul R. La Monica

Assistant Managing Editor at CNNMoney

Paul R. La Monica is an assistant managing editor at CNNMoney. He writes his column for The Buzz blog, appears in the daily Buzz video segment, and also tweets throughout the day on StockTwits and Twitter about the markets and economy @LaMonicaBuzz. Paul also oversees the site's economic, markets and technology coverage.

Paul has been with CNNMoney since November 2001. He has also worked for Red Herring, SmartMoney, American Banker, and Financial World, Paul lives with his wife and two sons in Brooklyn, NY and is a 1995 graduate of The University of Pennsylvania.

Joseph Gits

Co-Founder of Social Market Analytics

Joe Gits is the Co-Founder of Social Market Analytics (SMA). SMA is a leading provider of Social Media analytics for the financial community. The company collects, cleans, and aggregates social media inputs to create actionable intelligence for traders. SMA won the 2013 Inside Market Data Most Innovative Market Data Project-Vendor award.

Joe has extensive experience starting and growing financial software and data firms. In addition, he has created and integrated financial data and built and back tested trading models.

Prior to Social Market Analytics, Joe was the Co-Founder of Quantitative Analytics, the market leading provider of integrated database solutions for Quantitative Researchers and Traders. QAI was acquired by Thomson Financial in 2007. Subsequent to Thomson’s acquisition of Quantitative Analytics, he spearheaded the integration of QAI technology into Thomson (now Thomson Reuters). Joe managed the integration, development, and maintenance of the content, analytics, and API’s that drove historical analytics.

Joe received his Bachelors from the University of Iowa, MBA from DePaul University and is a CFA Charterholder.

Herb Greenberg

Editor of Herb Greenberg's Reality Check, CNBC Contributor

Herb Greenberg is the editor of Herb Greenberg's Reality Check, a subscription newsletter designed to help investors better manage risk. He writes a daily blog for TheStreet's main free website and contributes to its Real Money's "Columnist Conversation" column as well as being a regular contributor for CNBC.

Greenberg has been a financial journalist for more than 30 years, working most recently as a senior stocks commentator on CNBC's Business Day programming and on He was also co-president of Greenberg Meritz Research & Analytics. He is a former weekend investor columnist for The Wall Street Journal and a former senior columnist for MartketWatch.

Prior to joining MarketWatch, Greenberg was senior columnist for He previously spent 10 years as the "Business Insider" columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and nearly seven years asFortune magazine's monthly "Against the Grain" columnist.

He also was the New York financial correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and a financial reporter in its Chicago newsroom. Greenberg has held various positions at other media outlets including Crain's Chicago Business and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Greenberg holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Miami.

Gregory W. Harmon

CMT, CFA, founded Dragonfly Capital Management

Gregory W. Harmon founded Dragonfly Capital Management, LLC providing daily trade ideas, technical analysis of securities markets and consulting services to the marketplace, and is a Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Presidium Capital, an Investment Manager running separate accounts for clients.  Prior to that, he had traded in the securities markets since 1986. He has held senior positions including Head of Global Trading, Head of Product Development, Head of Strategy, and Director of Equity and Portfolio Swaps Trading at Chase Manhattan, State Street Corporation and BNP Paribas.  Greg earned an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University where he was captain of the swim team.

Mike Hodges

President & COO, U-T San Diego

Mike is the President and COO at U-T San Diego, formerly The San Diego Union-Tribune, spearheading the transformation of the company to a fully integrated media organization. Mike joined U-T San Diego in 2009 as VP Interactive in charge of direction and strategy for the U-T’s interactive initiatives including building the top Daily Deal entity in the newspaper industry.

Before U-T San Diego, Mike was VP Interactive Sales for Freedom Communications, the publisher of the Orange County Register. There Mike oversaw all interactive revenue initiatives for Freedom's nationwide daily newspapers and broadcast television stations.

Mike has been involved in several internet start-up companies, including his own firm,, which was one of the first online real estate and mortgage companies. Mike's e-mail marketing start-up in the late 1990's was bought by DoubleClick, where he went on to run national sales for DoubleClick's email division.

Mike lives in La Jolla, CA with his wife and three children.

Ivaylo Ivanhoff

Founder Ivanhoff Capital

Ivaylo Ivanhoff has been trading equities and options for almost ten years. He is the founder of Ivanhoff Capital. He is the editor of and blogs, where he shares daily market commentary, analysis and ideas.

Mr. Ivanhoff co-authored “The StockTwits Edge – 40 Actionable Setups from Real Market Pros” (Wiley, 2011) and “Finding the Next Apple” (due this Fall).

Mr. Ivanhoff developed the algorithm for the StockTwits50 list, which selects and ranks stocks in the early stages of their price growth cycle.

Ivanhoff’s work is regularly featured in WSJ, Reuters, CNN Money, UT San Diego, Traders Magazine, Abnormal Returns, Real Clear Markets.

He earned his MBA and MS Finance from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Emily Jipson

Global Head of Product for Yahoo Finance

Emily Jipson is the Global Head of Product for Yahoo Finance. Emily's background centers on financial media, having held product and technology leadership roles at the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Gerson Lehrman Group, Money Media and Gartner. She began her career as a web developer and usability analyst, working with Fortune 500 firms and start-ups. Emily holds a BS in International Relations from the University of Wisconsin and a Masters from Columbia University in Technology Management.

Chris Kimble

CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions

Chris Kimble is the founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions. His firm provides research for individual investors, financial professionals, 401k managers and hedge funds around the world. He specializes in pattern analysis in stock indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities and individual stocks, using pictures to highlight the opportunity at hand with a touch of humor. His mission is to help investors enlarge portfolios regardless of market direction.

Chris’ mentor is Sir John Templeton and is an Occam’s razor fan, believing that investors should strive to eliminate unnecessary information in the decision making process.

Chris has 33 years of experience in the financial industry. He spent 25 years as a financial planner, before turning to helping people capitalize on the Power of the pattern. He has coined such patterns as the "Eiffel tower" and "Emotipoints". With a business and psychology background he combines the footprint of pattern analysis with investor sentiment extremes to find opportunities and solutions for investors.

James L. Koutoulas, Esq.

CEO of Typhon Capital Management

James L. Koutoulas, Esq. is the CEO of Typhon Capital Management, a CTA/CPO which operates the Arion Financials Program, Chiron Currency Program, Plutus Grain Strategy, and Tauros Livestock Strategy. Typhon also manages the Hydra Multi-Strategy Agricultural Fund, LP.

James is the President and Co-Founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition, a non-profit customer advocacy organization formed in response to the MF Global bankruptcy. The CCC has 10,000+ members and works with regulators, Congress, and industry leaders to better protect commodities customers. James has been a vocal advocate for commodity customers, appearing regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN, featured in major national print publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Reuters, and has written advocacy pieces for ZeroHedge. James is on the Board of Directors of the National Futures Association where he serves on the Executive and Appeals Committees.

Mr. Koutoulas has a J.D. from The Northwestern University School of Law and is a member of the Illinois Bar. He serves as a consulting expert to the Northwestern Investor Protection Clinic and is a member of Mensa. James also has a degree in Finance from the University of Florida, where he was a National Merit Scholar, AP National Scholar, and Angelo Langadas Classics Scholar.

Frank Lortscher

Founder and CEO of Array Analytics, Managing Partner of Subset Capital

Frank Lortscher is the founder and CEO of Array Analytics, which licenses its patented “wisdom of crowds” data aggregation systems to help brokers, clearinghouses, lenders and other businesses monetize their transaction data. He is also Managing Partner of Subset Capital, an investment management company which serves as the General Partner of alternative investment funds that incorporate social streams and other big data sources.

Frank has more than twenty years’ experience using systems and analysis to find new approaches to old problems, including a decade at Capital One leveraging data to drive business strategy, marketing research and operational diagnostics. Frank received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley and his MA from the University of Chicago.

Dan Mirkin

CEO, Trade Ideas LLC.

Dan Mirkin is a founding partner and CEO of Trade Ideas LLC. Based in San Diego, Trade Ideas is a next generation financial markets technology leader focusing on derived data mining to help individual and professional market participants get to alpha capture decisions more quickly. Dan guides the customer facing product development aspects of Trade Ideas with more than 15 years of professional trading and financial technology experience. Today, Trade Ideas technology serves customers in more than 65 different countries and is licensed by national US retail brokerages Scottrade and Etrade.

Prior to forming Trade Ideas, Dan was CEO of FutureTrade Technologies, a venture backed institutional trading platform which was acquired by Interactive Brokerage (IBKR:Nasdaq) in 2007. Dan received his BA in Accounting from University of Texas at Austin in 1994 and studied Finance at the London School of Economics. Dan is regular contributor to the StockTwits stream and he can be followed @TradeIdeas1 on StockTwits and Twitter.

Dan Nathan

Co-Founder and Editor of

Dan Nathan is Co-Founder and Editor of, a service dedicated to equity options education & risk management. Dan has spent his 17 career as a proprietary equity & options trader at several hedge funds (SAC, Exis, Cheyne) and within the equity derivatives group at Merrill Lynch. Since 2009 Dan has served as a broker to institutions for large equity option block trades while also offering trade structure and fundamental trade advisory. Dan is a Contributor to CNBC and weekly panelist on CNBC's Options Action, a show dedicated to equity options trading, and frequent panelist on CNBC's Fast Money. Dan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, originally from Syracuse he now lives in New York City with his wife and 2 daughters.

JC Parets

Founder and Editor of

J.C. Parets is an experienced market technician with a diverse analytical skill set. He earned the Chartered Market Technician designation (CMT) and is a member of the Market Technicians Association.

Employing a top-down approach JC uses Intermarket Analysis with particular emphases on trend recognition and Fibonacci projections. He has constructed a variety of proprietary oscillators that he adjusts over time.

As a portfolio manager, JC focuses on all areas of asset allocation including stocks, bonds, currency and commodity markets. His approach emphasizes market timing, sector rotation strategies, stock selection, and most importantly risk management.

J.C. grew up in Miami, Florida and now lives in New York City with his wife where he continues to support his hometown teams – The Miami Dolphins, The Heat, The Marlins and The Miami Hurricanes.

Robert Peck

Managing Director SunTrust

Robert Peck joined STRH in 2013 as a Managing Director covering Internet/Digital Media companies. Robert has over 20 years of experience, including: Merrill Lynch as an analyst in its Investment Banking department; Lehman Brothers, covering technology and media companies; Bear Stearns, augmenting its Technology, Media, and Telecom research team; and Baron Capital, leading its Internet, technology and digital media research effort. In 2011, Robert cofounded CoRise Co., a boutique merchant bank focused on digital media. He was named a "Best on the Street Analyst" by The Wall Street Journal, was an Institutional Investor-ranked analyst in 2004, and he remained ranked until he left the sell-side in 2008. Robert is a frequent guest on CNBC; has appeared on CNN and Bloomberg; has been recognized in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and industry publications; and has written articles for the Economist and Business Insider. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the NY Society of Security Analysts, an active mentor to the technology accelerator (ERA) in NY, and an advisor to the Columbia entrepreneur program. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School.

Christopher Perruna

Director of Project Management at Gardiner & Theobald

Christopher Perruna is a Director of Project Management at Gardiner & Theobald, an independent construction cost and project management consultancy practice headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide.

Chris has extensive experience managing projects from inception to completion in a leading role, along with a strong background in construction, architecture, cost management and scheduling. With a degree in architectural engineering, he has managed projects for clients in most major asset classes including office, financial, law, health care, pharmaceutical, insurance and media.

In addition to project management, Chris trades his own money part time and maintains, a personal website/ blog providing equity research and market education. He successfully ran and maintained, an independent online equity research company, prior to the explosion of blogs, twitter and StockTwits. Chris can be followed daily for his market insight, research and trend-following analysis at @cperruna on StockTwits. Featured in two books: The StockTwits Edge: 40 Actionable Trade Set-Ups from Real Market Pros (2011) and The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist (2009). Radio: Trader's Interviews (2008) and numerous publications such as the Wall Street Journal Online, StockTwits, The Trader’s Journal, etc.

Ian Rosen

General Manager, MarketWatch

Ian is VP and GM for MarketWatch at Dow Jones, responsible for product strategy, and business growth. He has a passion for building content-technology products and businesses at large and small firms.

Prior to his current role, Ian managed Dow Jones's B2B Investment Banking segment, focusing on delivering information to that community. Before joining Dow Jones, Ian has held positions at Thomson Reuters, Goldman Sachs, and Accenture, as well as some smaller firms.

Ian graduated with highest honors from the University of Michigan, and currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and two boys.

Amanda Steinberg

Founder of DailyWorth,

Amanda Steinberg is the founder of DailyWorth, the leading financial media company for women. While Steinberg spent the first 10 years of her career as a computer programmer, she transitioned into media upon recognizing that women household-CFOs and breadwinners needed a media source that spoke to them directly about money. Steinberg is now a thought-leader on the topic of women and money, working to advance women's financial confidence and wealth. DailyWorth has been featured in the New York Times, WSJ, TIME, and on Anderson Cooper and MSNBC's Your Business. Steinberg is a graduate of Columbia University. While DailyWorth is headquartered in New York City, Steinberg lives in Philadelphia with her two children and her iPhone. Sign up for DailyWorth and check out CreateWorth, the special edition for small business owners.

Hardeep Walia

Co-founded & CEO of Motif Investing

Hardeep Walia co-founded Motif Investing to create an intuitive way to invest in real-world ideas. Motif—a registered broker-dealer based in San Mateo, California—allows individuals and advisors to invest online in collections of stocks or ETFs centered around specific investment themes or strategies, all for low trade commissions. Mr. Walia started Motif after spending more than six years in executive positions at Microsoft, including serving as general manager of Microsoft's $2 billion Enterprise Services business. He was also director of corporate development and strategy, helping to oversee Microsoft's investments and acquisitions. Mr. Walia began his career as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. He holds a BS in economics and engineering from Yale University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He also holds Series 7, 63 and 24 licenses in the securities industry and is a member of FINRA's Small-Firm Advisory Board. He is a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business and blogs regularly for Forbes. Mr. Walia is on Twitter at and on Quora.

Alex Bard

EVP and GM of Salesforce Service Cloud

Alex Bard is the EVP and GM of Salesforce Service Cloud. Previously, he was the CEO of Assistly, which was acquired by Salesforce in September of 2011 and rebranded as

Forbes Magazine named Alex to the list of the Rising Stars at The World's Most Innovative Companies. He was listed to Business Insider’s 15 Enterprise Tech Rock Stars You've Never Heard Of But Should Know. Alex is also an investor and advisor in several startups including Kabam, Get Around, Bitium, Space Monkey, Thalmic Labs, Stitch Labs, and Stay Classy.

Tracey Ryniec

Value Stock Strategist at Zacks Investment Research

Tracey Ryniec is the Value Stock Strategist at Zacks Investment Research in Chicago. She manages the Value Investor and Insider Trader stock portfolios at Prior to joining Zacks, she litigated complex securities and insurance cases representing tech titans and Fortune 100 companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Tracey graduated from the University of Michigan, attended graduate school at Princeton University and has a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago. Tracey also holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. She has appeared in various finance sites including Barrons, CNNMoney,, and Marketwatch.

Michael Lamothe

Founder of

Michael Lamothe is the Founder of, LLC a website dedicated to providing traders and investors with an array of robust tools, analysis, webinars, and forums.

Michael co-organizes the NYC Investor’s Business Daily Meetup Group, manages the monthly webinar series available on YouTube, and tutors traders to help them further excel at their trading skills. He has been featured in Investor’s Business Daily and has been interviewed on Benzinga’s Pre-Market Show.

Cole Wilcox

Chief Executive Officer for Longboard Asset Management

Mr. Wilcox is the co-author of several leading research papers concerning the implementation of hedge fund and alternative investment strategies. He makes regular CNBC television appearances and was profiled in The Little Book of Trading, published by Wiley in 2012.

He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

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The Venue


1906 Lodge

This quiet Coronado hotel is in a perfect location – one block off the busy main street but within walking distance to everything. The world renowned Coronado beach is just two blocks away. Dozens of shops and restaurants stand ready to welcome visitors on their leisurely stroll through the seaside village.

1906 Lodge is offering a special group rate from $215 to $327 per night, depending on the room. Rates include a full breakfast, parking.

Call the hotel directly at 866-435-1906 or 619-437-1900 and mention "Stocktoberfest" to receive the group rate. Space is limited.

La Avenida Inn

Just a block from America's Best Beach of 2012 and the historic Hotel del Coronado, La Avenida Inn's charm offers guests an exceptional value in a world-class location. Nestled in the heart of Coronado Island's three and four star hotels, La Avenida Inn's prime village location is within steps of the beach, fine dining, and fashionable shops.

La Avenida is offering the following rates:

Sunday thru Thursday, 10/26 - 10/30
King @ $130.50 + tax/nt or 2 Queen @ $140.50 + tax/nt
Friday and Saturday, 10/31 & 11/1
King @ $143.10 + tax/nt or 2 Queen @ $153.10 + tax/nt

Call 800.437.0162 or 619.435.3191 and mention "Stocktobefest" when reserving your room. Space is limited.

Glorietta Bay Inn

A cozy and private Coronado hotel is among the most sought after lodging options in California. With its convenient location to the "Best Beach," as designated by the Travel Channel, and with its rich and luxurious architecture and past, the Glorietta Bay Inn is a definitive Coronado hotel. This Coronado hotel combines old world charm with contemporary Southern California comfort, a winning combination that simply cannot be matched by other Coronado hotels.

Glorietta Bay Inn is offering a special StockTwits group rate of $206/night for a 10 deluxe room with 1 queen bed. Rate includes a continental breakfast and free wireless. The hotel has 10 rooms reserved at this price.

Please call the hotel at 619-435-3101 and mention "Stocktoberfest" to reserve your room.

El Cordova Hotel

The El Cordova offers an informal Spanish garden and courtyard environment, with spacious rooms and suites. The rooms are all unique and most offer kitchen facilities.

The hotel sits in the heart of the Village of Coronado, one block or less from the best beaches on the Island. Shopping, restaurants, theatre and recreational activities are within walking distance and the hotel has four restaurants and twelve boutique shops on site.

De Lux Room -- $152.10 p/night + tax
One Bedroom Suite -- $179.10 p/night + tax
Family Suite -- $206.10 p/night + tax
2 Bedroom Suite -- $215.10 p/night + tax
De Luxe 2 Bedroom Suite -- 278.10 p/night + tax
Casagrande Suite -- $369 p/night + tax

Rates include continental breakfast and wireless Internet.

Call the hotel directly at 800.229.2032 and provide the group code "SF" to receive the discounted rates.

The Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa

The Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa offers a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and renewal. The resort welcomes guests with its many luxurious on-site features, including a full-service health spa, convenience to beautiful sandy beaches, shopping, and restaurants at Ferry Landing.

Spacious guest rooms and villas make you feel at home in this tranquil beach community. Rooms feature oversized bath tubs, down comforters, and plush beds with cotton-rich linens, plus flat-panel TVs, connectivity panels, and high-speed Internet access.

The Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa is offering a special conference group rate of $249/night. You can reserve online or call the hotel at 1-800-228-9290 and ask for the Stocktoberfest group rate. Space is limited and rooms must be booked by October 2.

We will dissect the favorite strategies from top investors and traders. By the end of our two days together, you won’t have to walk across coals, but you might want to dip your toes in the Ocean.

The conference will be held from October 27-28, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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