Stock Trader Joined Nov 07, 2013

I am young and funny sometimes. I am more experience in the secondary stock market in both shrt term and long term. I loves to trade stocks for a living either go short or long. I am single and want to marry someday. I am Rex.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ASPS
    Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.
  2. $UNTD
    United Online, Inc.
  3. $SOCL
    Global X Social Media ETF
  4. $GRPN
  5. $CCIH
    ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.
  6. $VRTX
    Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
  7. $PKG
    Packaging Corp. of America
  8. $JAZZ
    Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  9. $GMCR
    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.
  10. $LNKD
  11. $AMZN Inc.
  12. $OMED
    OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  13. $BIDU
    Baidu, Inc.
  14. $QIWI
    QIWI plc
  15. $MA
    MasterCard Incorporated
  16. $LULU
    Lululemon Athletica Inc.
  17. $NUS
    Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.
  18. $GOOG
    Google Inc.
  19. $GILD
    Gilead Sciences Inc.
  20. $KO
    The Coca-Cola Company