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Added: June, 24, 2013

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Howard Lindzon has a background of more than 20 years of riding huge trends, investing successfully in both private and public markets. Due to his network and experience, he is in the unique position to connect the dots between private and public markets and invest in trends long before they become mainstream. Most importantly Howard has a knack for helping investors profit.

Ivaylo Ivanhoff has successfully been following stock market trends for nine years. He is the creator of the algorithm behind the ST50 list, co-author of the books ‘The StockTwits Edge’ (2011) and ‘Finding The Next Apple (2013)’.

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The St50 List

The St50 list will help you recognize and profit from the biggest stock market opportunities. Many of the largest stock market winners of the future (the next Apple, Google and Starbucks of the world) will spend a lot of time on our weekly list. We will teach you how to own these trends. Our list is a great starting point for every investor.

Model Portfolio

Get access to Howard and Ivanhoff’s model portfolio with exact entry and exit points. Learn how they think about and profit from big trends.

Review of The Week

In this weekly wrap-up, we cover notable market developments and discuss when to be aggressive and when to raise cash and protect capital. We will keep you in bull markets as long as possible and out of bear markets as long as necessary.


As a ST50 member you will have direct email access to Howard and Ivan, which should help you become a more successful and knowledgeable investor.