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    TOM Joined Jan 23, 2014

    Entrepreneur, self employed. Stock trading is like the game of survivor. You have to outwit & outplay the big $ boys & insiders. Timing is the key to success


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      The Russian
      Follow the Money. Other good things to follow @The_Stock_Whisperer for trading coaching, risk & psychology @alphatrends for price progression / trend trading - @Sassy_SPY for Options Trading - @NorthmanTrader for fundamentals and pattern recognition.
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      J Sims
      Technical trader & occasional day trader. I use the RobinHood app to trade without comissions. Strong believer in Fibonacci lvls, MACD, RSI, stochastic, MAs & BB. Here to share and gain information. Follow me & I will follow you!
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      Option Me.
      ~If you trade stocks, you live in a box, you only eat rocks and you have a pet Fox.... ~I don't trade stocks, I trade weekly volatility ~~-> If you are reading this- I'm kindly wishing you to win. <-~I don't give recommendations, just opinions.~
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      K g
      a lot of study, a lot time. Would like to learn? follow the people that I follow and use your own methods.Don't believe anyone blindly. Study...
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      Alexander Valtsev
      I think that I bring value to my followers and other Stock Twits members by building analyses that are conservative in nature and present long-term views on individual companies.
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      Senior Systems Analyst at McMaster Children's hospital, swing trader since 2009, love Trading, Reading, Cooking and gardening Best Seller Cookbook author 1997-1998
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      Trading equities using a combination of different technical analysis methods looking for confluences with an emphasis on Elliot Wave Analysis. Time line includes day trades, to swing trades.
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      Alexander Fernandez
      Entrepreneur by heart. I am making money in the market to make this a better world. Not to make it for myself.
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      I am an econometrician for a living who invest or trade Futures and Equities in the Global Markets using Algo trading for the best return. No suggestions, just ideas.
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      My love for stocks is driven by the hatred of my job. I'm not doing this for fun, I'm doing it as an escape path.
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      Lewis Rashe
      "What will your kids inherit? Stocks? Bonds? Trust Funds? Or the 90 pair of Shoes/Gucci belts you bought?"
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      Sterling W.
      As an SEC registered large trader (LTID #47682030) and an accredited investor, I'm seriously uninterested in anybody lecturing me with their glorious certainty of what every stock "will" do or what I "should" do according to you, or I'd ask. Thanks!
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      Get Instant Access to Today's Top BreakOuts and Also Our Watch List That Contains High EPS and RS Ranked Stocks That Looked Poised to BreakOut.
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      30 year software executive, scientist, consultant who was also a past securities broker/trader. Swing trader, scalper & longer term investor. Looks for stocks that exhibit repeatable behaviors, and value to limit risk with volatility for max gains.
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      Love Monday thru Friday and can't wait til 9:30 a.m. :( at 4:00 p.m.
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      Full-time Trader - Technical Analyst - Day Trader - Swing Trader - Trading penny stocks for a living since 1997.
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      Trade mostly certificates with underlying stock indices, currencies and commodities. Approach: Harmonic, FIBs and Elliot. Do not take my advise as a 100% bet, but as a 60-80% bet!
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      Venky Srinivasan
      Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Joao Afonso Official Account
      Intermediate - Equities - Technical - Day Trader - Swing Trader
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      Wall St.
      Using specific algorithm to indicate support &amp;amp; resistance areas then proceeded by with targets.