Tom Morlan Joined Mar 25, 2011

Former journalist, current director of marketing and communications, longtime singer-songwriter and aspiring trader

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TWTR
  2. $BRK-B
    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  3. $HPJ
    Highpower International, Inc.
  4. $UA
    Under Armour, Inc.
  5. $SIG
    Signet Jewelers Limited
  6. $MGA
    Magna International, Inc.
  7. $FANG
    Diamondback Energy Inc
  8. $AAPL
    Apple Inc.
  9. $TTS
    Tile Shop Holdings, Inc.
  10. $PCLN Incorporated
  11. $CRUS
    Cirrus Logic Inc.
  12. $FB
  13. $COF
    Capital One Financial Corp.
  14. $UNG
    United States Natural Gas
  15. $GOOG
    Google Inc.
  16. $AEZS
    AEterna Zentaris Inc. (USA)