Patrick Campbell Joined Feb 25, 2013

With over 28 years of trading experience, we at Triggered Signal Trading use simple algorithms which show where to place risk with tight stops to allow winners to run to their full potential. Views expressed here are for informational purposes o

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $ZB_F
    30 Year U.S. Treasury Bonds
  2. $ZS_F
    Soybean Futures
  3. $ZC_F
    Corn Futures
  4. $HG_F
    Copper Futures
  5. $PL_F
    Platinum Futures
  6. $6E_F
    EUR/USD Futures
  7. $NG_F
    Natural Gas
  8. $SI_F
    Silver Futures
  9. $GC_F
    Gold Futures
  10. $ES_F
    E-Mini S&P 500 Futures
  11. $CL_F
    Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures