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    Blogger, Trader, Researcher
    I trade on momentum and chart analysis. I share as much research as I can. I'm not a professional. I love CNBC. I'm a TRADER not an INVESTOR. I don't hold stocks for long. I like to hit it and quit it. The ideas I share are NOT investment advice.
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    Conference Call Transcripts
    One-stop shop for all company conference call transcripts
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    Smedley Butler Reincarnate
    Go down there and brand yourself a murderer...Murder is the only art a swordsman can practice, no ornamental words can change that. You want to protect people with murder? You'll slaughter legions so that a few may live...
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    Speculation Trader
    Speculation trader, my system is to bet in HIGH RISK huge reward positions buy go against horde! WARNING: You might lose or win lots of cash. My twits should be taken as educational ideas not investment advice. If I make you cash add me as a friend.
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    Now in beta: a free service that tracks North American stocks with insider buying and selling. Tweets are not investment advice and subject to our disclaimer on our website.
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    Bio RunUp
    Biotech trader and Columnist at TheStreet utilizing long, short & options based strategies to maintain consistent gains in any market. Come trade with BioRunUp!