Bruce Wayne Joined Aug 27, 2011

Don't chase. Buy the pullback. Follow Price & Volume. Don't follow me blindly & my ideas should never be regarded as investment advice.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $DAX
    DAX (Deutscher Aktien Index - Germany)
  2. $GDX
    Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF
  3. $SMH
    Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF
  4. $JO
    iPath DJ-UBS Coffee TR Sub-Idx ETN
  5. $IWM
    iShares Russell 2000 Index
  6. $GLD
    SPDR Gold Shares
  7. $PFE
    Pfizer Inc.
  8. $TWTR
  9. $FB
  10. $STUDY
    StockTwits Education
  11. $SPY
    SPDR S&P 500