Henry Halaiko Joined Aug 06, 2013

Retried Young, Energy executive, Mid East expat during 80's.. Contrarian Speculator, "Everything has within it the seeds to become it's opposite" - Hegel

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $TRIN
    Arms Index
  2. $GILD
    Gilead Sciences Inc.
  3. $BIIB
    Biogen Idec Inc.
  4. $CMI
    Cummins Inc.
  5. $RDS-A
    Royal Dutch Shell plc
  6. $PCYC
    Pharmacyclics Inc.
  7. $SYRG
    Synergy Resources Corp
  8. $PM
    Philip Morris International, Inc.
  9. $TWTR
  10. $BIDU
    Baidu, Inc.
  11. $AXAS
    Abraxas Petroleum Corp.
  12. $WLL
    Whiting Petroleum Corp.
  13. $VONE
    Vanguard Russell 1000 Index ETF
  14. $NDX
    NASDAQ 100
  15. $FSLR
    First Solar, Inc.
  16. $FNMA
    Federal National Mortgage Association
  17. $IEP
    Icahn Enterprises, L.P.
  18. $AMZN
    Amazon.com Inc.
  19. $EOG
    EOG Resources, Inc.
  20. $PNRA
    Panera Bread Co.