xraystocktrader Joined Mar 26, 2012

Long-biased position trader, full time obsessed with the markets. 3-24 month time frame. It's all about risk.

Stocks I'm Following

  1. $MKL
    Markel Corp.
  2. $CAMT
    Camtek Ltd.
  3. $NUAN
    Nuance Communications, Inc.
  4. $VJET
    voxeljet AG
  5. $TWTR
  6. $GCC
    GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index
  7. $GLD
    SPDR Gold Shares
  8. $SLV
    iShares Silver Trust
  9. $STN-CA
    Stantec Inc
  10. $MRD-CA
    Melcor Developments
  11. $CWB-CA
    Cdn Wstrn Bank
  12. $BAC
    Bank of America Corporation
  13. $AFOP
    Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.
  14. $TOL
    Toll Brothers Inc.
  15. $ADEP
    Adept Technology Inc.
  16. $CGNX
    Cognex Corporation
  17. $IRBT
    iRobot Corporation
  18. $INP
    iPath MSCI India Index ETN
  19. $EWZ
    iShares MSCI Brazil Index
  20. $EWP
    iShares MSCI Spain Index