@0grey0 @ch3vy Not sure who you think “the right” is. I’m talking about Trump supporters, the picture is about Trump and his followers eating up his shit through Fox News (moving toward OAN these days). And if you think acknowledging the reality of racism and white privilege in America is a “racist idea” then we need to set some definitions, because that’s race-related, but it is not “racist” by a long shot. “Race-related” does not equal “racist” in and of itself.
@gilmeriken @ch3vy It's racist to paint an entire group with the same brush. White privilege may manifest itself in many situations, but even the intellectual proponents of intersectionality saw other privileges, such as wealth, family stability, attractiveness, intelligence, attitude.... And some may overtake others, according to their theory. You cannot reduce individuals to the group which supposedly defines their immutable characteristics without dehumanizing them. We should treat people as individuals. And I believe people are generally the writers of their own destiny. I wouldn't insult them by supposing not. You may believe that nature and nurture completely define us, but would you like to be treated that way? Would you like to be pigeonholed, have your own agency demeaned, and your individuality denied? What is the left really doing? Aren't they just dividing us? Their goals seem to be aligned with the extreme racists on the right. Is it to divide and conquer?