@gilmeriken @ch3vy Well, I appreciate that. I was always a democrat. I'm in favor of everyone getting healthcare and not going bankrupt for it. I don't want anyone to be homeless. But I am afraid that the left is trying to demonize others. And it hits me because I was once probably either part of or close to the left. Woody Guthrie was named after a racist and apparently sang old racist songs. But then he reformed himself, and he spoke out against racism in his music very often. If people were there to demonize him, would that have been better? People need to be allowed to be idiots so long as they don't harm others or incite violence. I believe racism is a mental problem, and we need to use love to turn people to good, not hate. Weren't the democrats once more accepting and inclusive? Weren't they less extreme? Perhaps it's my religious upbringing, but I really believe in love. And I'm sorry if my initial comment didn't convey that. Also, I've had a few boilermakers.