$JE @mediaguy70 Either one of two possible explanations for almost all comments (bullish/bearish) on this board: 1.) The comments are really just from automated software running to give the fake appearance of "many retail investors" to trick other institutional investors into staying away. --OR-- 2.) They are real retail investors that think that they actually have control/influence on a $2B + annual revenue company, and they have yet to be humbled! Either way I'd say that I am pretty disappointed with the majority of comments I see on here. I like seeing educated discussions that shed light on important aspects of investing, rather than the "stock is junk $1.00", "to the moon and beyond", "you all are so stupid, blah blah" kind of posts. I personally think its #1, i.e. smoke and mirrors to deter institutional investors and/or retail investors. Anybody with a brain though can see that this company is worth a hell of a lot more than $6.00 lol...
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