@Colonel_Guile @Mango72 I've had my fair share of frustration with the level of degen on this site. I refer back to this:
I am not pleased with the overall community of investors being "hype bots" and angry/emotional traders. My subjecting myself to the community I have nobody to blame for myself that it eventually begins to have an effect on my trading. I stay on this website to find good information but I end up getting pulled in and reading useless information because of it's Twitter like format. I have always been a good and consistent investor up until recently because of allowing myself to be subconsciously affected by the hours on hours of "yes lambos, no trash". This website can be a bit of a mind virus if you spend more than 10 minutes checking an update on a stock you already own. Stocks were not like this even 5 years ago and I'm very disappointed with the angry, egotistical, and failure mindset of most investors who are herding behind large dreams and empty sensibilities. I can't seem to find any growth oriented people like myself, so I'm out. Final cheers. $SINT $CEMI $CAPR $JMIA $LCA
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