$EROS I know most of you have Goldick blocked so I wanted to tell you how he said JPMorgan holding 19 million investment in Eros meant nothing because they are required to as part of the fund allocation requirements etc. Of course he is normally full of kaka but what he ended up shining a light on for me is that JP Morgan did not initiate their $19 million in positions until their other lending units would have signed off on the $350 million credit line being made available to the newly merged STX Eros entity. It means one side of the investment bank wall invested in Eros after the other side of Morgan had completed their due diligence. They were not forced to make this investment. They know what they are doing which is just like Jeereddi Investmentswho is located only a couple miles from STX headquarters in Hollywood California. Talk about knowing what you own. 😅
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