$EROS For those newer to Eros. In Summer 2019, CARE debt rating agency of India cut Eros the max amount of bond/debt rating quality. The cut was between approx 8-10 notches which brought Eros down to junk bond status. There was little reason for more than a single notch drop if that. Eros management have discussed various aspects of this in quarterly conference calls and in the January Vegas Citibank conference which I attended and met management. When this occurred, Eros’s world literally fell apart overnight. By the next morning Eros couldn’t raise enough $ to buy a taco. The stock dropped from about $15 to a bit lower than now. Eros we’re then attacked by short specialists such as Hindenberg who were later proven full of sht. Care were later charged for extortionist like rating sales activities. My main point is that the Eros rating is at bottom, can’t get worse and a better rating will bring it back to $10+ fast. STX, Apple, Visa, new subs etc are all gravy bringing us to $30+
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