$ESGC Very big day for Apple & Amazon and Disney. Maybe us too by days end? Too cool that we are a likely small potato target of all of them. They would all love our India distribution. Our India content too of course but our reach in India is unmatched by anyone and they could just add their content and management to ours. Heck, even Netflix and Sony would love us. They would all love to own the movie studio that made Hustlers, The Gentleman and Greenland. Oops...that’s us? I tend to think something really big is in play and we are about to have the Mother of all gap ups. I also see a strong possibility that our merger was just a pre curser to a break up of some pieces that would be easier to create bidding war excitement with Eros STX negotiating from the same side of the table. This would explain many things. Anything is possible at this point but I’m definitely far from worried. Launch Baby!
$ESGC Good time. Scratch that. Perfect timing for Huuuuge P.R. From H.q. All minds will be thinking about Disney streaming, streaming related opportunities, strong undervalued partners of $AMZN and or $AAPL that any of those three would be happy to strike a key content or ownership deal with. We really should be in play right now. cnbc.com/2020/10/12/disney-...
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