$AAPL AAPL will getting delisted within three years after the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act become law. AAPL is generating a lot of revenue and profits in China and the China operations are beinig audit by audit firms in China and since the PCAOB cannot inspect these firms, the revenues and profits of AAPL in China are not "trustworthy" according to the Senate and therefore AAPL must be delisted to protect the US investors. These whole Trum pleasing short sighted politics do not make any sense.
@11011A @DropMoney So the same logic the China haters are applying to all listed China companies without any evidence is not valid to US companies with meaningful China business? Hardly makes any sense, but since 2016 too many politicians in the US stopped acting thoughtful and instead are trying to please the angry and nast child in the Oval office