$CHFS CHF Solutions Posted Q3 2019 from their SEC Q-10: Net Sales= $1,252,000 Cost of Goods= ($540,000) S,G & A= ($4,107,000) R & D= ($1,172,000) Q3 2019 Net Loss= ($4,509,000) Total Assets= $7,584,000 Total Liabilities= ($3,246,000) Net Assets= $4,388,000 The Net Assets in full is LESS THAN what they need to get through this current quarter..... They're basically broke, been doing reverse splits and dilutions for 10 years to stay afloat. There is no value here whatsoever running this charade.... nothing, nada, zippo, zilch !!!!!! They (John Erb and Claudia Drayton) take Millions of Dollars in Salaries and Bonus', etc. etc. This Company is existing not to serve patients but to make and to keep John Erb and Claudia Drayton Pockets Rich John Erb is a Scamming Crooked POS Claudia Drayton is no better. That other guy who's involved with them whatever his name is seriously ruining his reputation, if he ever had one to begin with by associating with these lying, conniving, scammers.
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