$SPEX I'm sitting $3+ with 26k shares, -$63,8K That is part why I despise Hayes as much as I do. I've been in this debacle, fiasco, failure, catastrophe disaster disintegration mess wreck ruin downfall collapse defeat rout trouncing foul-up for 7 years and averaged down through his reverse splits which totally destroyed me. Patents... are you kidding me? Hayes has 100's of them which I in part paid a hefty price for, and that for all I know is wallpaper. He's a totally failed patent attorney, a liar, crook, jerk... the list goes on and on. He's screwed a couple wrong people I've talked to and they'll likely make him pay the ultimate price. It may seem silly to most of you day traders here but one guy said he's down well into the 6 figures from Hayes, and he's pissed... but he's well connected so he told me not to worry, yet I do.
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