$AMC Get this in writing from your broker. 1. Confirmation the DTCC has you as a SHARE HOLDER OF RECORD of AMC and your shares are not held in street name of your broker-but are directly registered to you. 2. Will my SPECIAL DIVIDEND be held in street name or directly registered to my name since these shares hold special voting rights pertaining to the company AMC? 3. How many shares does the DTCC have me on record for in the security AMC and how many shares of the special dividend APE can I expect to be registered with the DTCC in my name as of the shareholder record of date which AMC recently put out in its earnings on 8-4-22? 4. If I am not a shareholder of record today what is (your brokereage) going to do to resolve this Also you may want to make sure you are a NOBO … a Non Objective Beneficial Owner this way the company has your information and can see what you own for shares.