$SLS For me both offerings after the RS looks very well planned. Think about it; Angelos made 3 conferences and said Sellas made it. We are there now. So he just told us company achieved the goals but they released no the actual news. With this offerings they let the investor (the secret guy or a company) to obtain around 51% (last one is 20%) of the company with a cheap price. I think within a month time the news will be dropped, SP will raise to 100$. Nobody will have the chance to question the offerings because Angelos will say guys I told you so. You had every chance to buy the shares cheap. We told you we made it. We told you we have the plan to partner up for NPS and Phase 3 for GPS. You heard it. Now dont question how the investor landed on the majority of the shares cheap. This is how i feel like it now. Coz 3 conferences in a row without actual news and 2 offerings looks very suspicious to me.
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