$WKHS just my amazing opinion: If you look at most any grant: forestry money, school money, business bail out money, airline money, etc... They all fall under the moving forward act: Even the checks Americans need for the cares act are all covid 2 trillion dollars needed for America It’s all snuck into this bill getting passed really really fast USPS Ev infrastructure it all could get passed next end of July first week of August in anticipation for unemployment I sound like I know something hahahahaha Shit maybe I do. What do you think?
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@Bmarx12 @MAGAManArfArf @Glorified1 lol these people will do anything to win an election. It was just last year that all the late night talk shows were saying the only way to stop trump is for the us economy to somehow fail (up until Feb the economy was ripping). .and then mysteriously covid comes around. At this point I'm not sure covid isn't the result of a billion dollar Soros think tank team on how to ensure Dems win this election and further their socialism agenda in the same process but shutting everything down and making people more reliant on the government. That's why I think happened - doesn't matter if they helped cause it or not because it's here and everyone needs to deal with it.