$INPX my ema claims that this is the beginning of a parabolic climb, even though it has declined since rs... Why I feel/think this way: The 1 hr chart below shows ema was almost always held below all ema's but broke out from .04 and crossed all ema's indicating an upcoming catalyst... shortly thereafter, the presplit catalyst comes and hits .50's.. more than 1000% from the low. Selloff ensues naturally at this point bringing the price down to opening reverse split price. Since then, the price dropped significantly, however, even with the current reduction in price, inpx is still above all ema's. This is indicative of another upcoming catalyst within days. Due to the 2 day massive drops, we either see takeoff tomorrow, Jan 9th, or Friday, Jan 10th. I believe it will be a minimal 100% run. And.... that it holds up! Look at $SAVA. Stock was held down forever, breaks out like inpx did at .04 and look where it is now. See additional pics in comments. Selling if shit hits the fan. #teamwork
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