$DFFN I sincerely hope all of you boys and girls bough the dip today at $1 as this was a gift as DFFN will never see under $1 again as the direct offering at $1.05 all but eliminates the possibility of a RS. I also think today flushed out all of the weak hands and I bet the MMs will opens it up the rest of this week and let it fly close to $2 before the FDA news drops this hopefully this Friday or next Monday. I am seeing $3-$4 with FDA approval and $5 -$6 with EU/CE approval. If they announce a partnership or merger with Big Pharma $10 is not out of the question. Bottom line: you would be an idiot not to have some skin in this stock with l all of these positive catalysts and you must be an even bigger moron or amateur if you short this stock now. Stay long and strong folks as you patience will be rewarded 5 fold IMO. GLTA!!!
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