$VXRT I have a good felling that we may get some PR about the pre-clinical Universal Flu results co-developed with Janssens. If so, don’t be surprised if they announce an Exclusive Licensing Agreement resulting in potentially billions of milestone payments/royalty and an upfront payment and possibly a non dilutive equity investment i.e., preferred shares or hybrid debt. This definitely would propel the stock to new 52 week highs i.e., $15+. Moreover if they announce any sort of gov’t funding in the amount of $100M - $1B then throw everything out the window as the sky’s the limits!! Now ask yourself, why in the hell would you even risk having get caught with your pants down if you are shorting this stock as this could literally wipe you out (deservedly so!) in a day. There are so many better shorting candidates out there like ENPH, TAL, LE etc. Only morons would short this stock which is like playing with matches around a powder keg that is ready to explode (on any positive news!!!
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