$QDEL if market is telling us something, maybe its that QDEL is not in the Biden 500M rapid test purchase. But if that's true, market is maybe not calculating things right. Think about this... Govt wants to pay ~$5 / test for 500M tests, but the rate for corporate is I think upwards of $8/test on 6 month contract. Also If Biden mails you 2 free QuickVue kits, are you going to feel happy going to the drug store and paying $46 for those same kits next week? So meanwhile, QDEL is booking sales to corporate clients and also diverted some of their production to more profitable Sofia for hospital COVID testing ($12-18/test). Sure, there may be some benefit to a big order from the government but Bryant may be going after sales in the longer term and with higher margins. I would like them to pull a rabbit out of a hat and come up with new mfr space at OCDX to produce additional QuickVue but not sure that's possible, merger not even approved yet.