$ACRX Ok techs have me interested. The only issue is they burn 13M a Q and had 21M at the beginning of last Q. Far as I can see they did not dilute in late 2019 at all, but they have no form S3 for this year either. I have no idea if they have other avenues to secure the cash, but as far as I can tell, time is running out for them to do so. No earnings until 3/5 so won't get a real picture of financials until then. If anyone can provide info as to whether or not they've got additional funding, that would be great. I'm aware their cash+cash equivalents are 86M, but I tend to go off raw cash. They've got 58M in "short term investments" which I have no idea if those are liquid or not for them to use against current expenditures...so basically, I think there's a 30-40% chance of dilution between now and when I'd hit my PT (I'd assume in 2-3 weeks). I must say the chart is a pretty nice one, shaping up to show us some real pretty divergence. I'll go in here small on Monday.
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