$SGBX ok I see @ZackMorris @Reformed_Trader @_Shark @ZackMorris does pump every micro float with a pulse. Shot gun approach. Loads all and then if one pops he collects. It is like a venture capitalist. It is ok if you have a lot of $$$ to spread around but not my favorite strategy. @Reformed_Trader pretty solid swinger. Everything from conservative shix to crazy hold onto ya hat roller coasters. But generally seems to be profitable and has some good wins. Has trapped me before though. But he is my fave in here. @_Shark likes everything that is up even 0.00001% and then eventually catches huge momentum with one name. That is ok. Kind of like zack. Shotgun approach. Can work well. Similar to what warrior trading gladiator Ross Cameron did after his wife and kids left him. Now he has new wife and kids. @ProfitablePiggg like I said bad luck dude. Only plays MACD. @ChartsDontLieBuds i don’t know him very well. Knows how to chart. But I don’t know if he makes good $$$ or not.
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