$SXTC 4h. Ok so here's what I'm seeing here. You've got this pretty nice steady uptrend that's been happening since the beginning of april. No crazy movements, and a well defined top (0.53) and bottom (0.34) to a post-sell-off consolidation channel (is anyone else getting dejavu with these all over the place?). This can be traded off the TL, which is now beautifully resting on, with the middle BB coming in to provide additional support (red line). RSI 45 so fair value but not too high to say a continuation play is out of the question. Stop loss at the lowest low that is also the most recent after the previous lowest low -- I've circled it in red, and the low is 0.40. Stop loss at 0.389 imo is therefore reasonable (avoids any quick pokes under 0.40). Current price around 0.42-0.425. Max risk imo 0.425-0.389 = 0.036. Playing it to the upper line, which is again 0.53. Subtract 1ATR (0.02) if you want to increase odds, and make it 0.51. Reward = 0.51-0.425 = 0.085. RR = 0.085/0.036 ~2.3/1
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