$UVV Cheap high yielding dividend champion trading at 80% of shareholder's equity, below fair value RSI, 14PE, bottom of strong upward channel. Aggressive dividend growth recently from a company that's older than the dirt its product is grown on. Company hasn't seen much growth recently so I sort of see it like a $T that'll spit off a stable, modestly-growing dividend which I can put in other things. Reason it's better than $T though is there's still a lot more room for capital appreciation given the value it's currently trading at. Also just a random thought but it would be really interesting to me if these guys could pivot with the land/machinery/building assets they've got to move into mj. This seems to be the way that big tobacco is moving into the future in order to combat the shrinkage of the industry, along with vaping (see $MO). These guys have the farming background/experience. It wouldn't surprise me if there's internal talks of such things.
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