$FMCI 🐒 wants to re-iterate to all his $150 price target for Tattooed Chef. Congratulations to all who held through and added on the last dip. This is just one of many dates to enjoy like today. Future catalysts will be an announcement of a date for the merger vote, the merger being official, the 1st Tattooed Chef earnings report after merger, a future announcement of a national pizza chain agreement, increased sales by products being added into 100% of all WalMart and Costco, and Sam's Club stores, solid management team you can trust, a brand name that will become a household name, 2nd plant based food company to be publically traded, and COVID-19 safe company. There is so much more, but ST only allows 🐒 so many letters per post! Bass fishing was great today! Keep holding tight and you will be alright! And remember - don't get shook by no 🐻! 🐒 #turtlegang
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