$AMRN ORDER AMARIN PHARMA, INC. v. HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS USA Appeal No. 2020-2108 is an appeal from a consent judg- ment wholly based upon the judgment under review in Ap- peal Nos. 2020-1723, -1901, and all judgments concern the same asserted claims of the same patents-in-suit. Appeal Nos. 2020-1723, -1901 are now fully briefed and calendared for argument on September 2, 2020. The parties to Appeal No. 2020-2108 agree that no additional briefing is required and the outcome will be controlled by the outcome of Ap- peal Nos. 2020-1723, -1901. The court deems it the better course to deny the motion to consolidate and instead to stay the above-captioned ap- peal pending the court’s disposition of Appeal Nos. 2020- 1723, , IT IS ORDERED THAT: (1) The motion is denied, and the above-captioned ap- peal is stayed. Within fourteen days from the court’s dis- position of Appeal Nos. 2020-1723, -1901, the parties are directed to inform this court as to how this appeal should proceed.
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@3rdBass folks, there are a number of things to hope for, EU Approval, compete in US with lower price, poor generic launch, etc you need to let go of these ‘denial’ schemes
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