$AABB @BlackbeardRR has opened my eyes forever. I’ve always been good at picking, but not holding, since I always never understood why once I bought, it went red. Blackbeard taught me why with logic and opened my mind. Regardless of everyone talking bashers and former bulls alike, he has other stocks, not just AABB. This sea captain has very clear, logical ideas, that you can look up and verify and prove yourself. All of these have solid foundations of intuitive logic, and while nothing is certain, he is thorough with his due diligence and has fact to back up his many thesis’s. I’m good with smell tests, and Blackbeard passed for me. Now to the former bull turned basher. This guy quit his job... with a family.. while I do not know his financial situation, the guy had a sub penny average and would rather quit his job with uncertainty rather then wait a few months and be very certain. Let me remind you he was making shirts and wearing them to the birth of his child a few weeks ago.