@FloridaKing First trade was CRUS in 1996 or 1997. Started learning Technical Analysis in 2000. Traded with varied success from 2000-2006. Went on complete hiatus from 2006-2013. Didn't even know market tanked in 2008 until 2012. That's how far removed I was. But, started back up because was always my intent to return when I could. Back in 2014 I had a huge revelation. Which was something I had noticed, in the past, but couldn't intellectualize at the time. Now it forms a major basis in the charts I choose to trade. Back in 2003 I used to run in a Yahoo message group was called TradeWithpizzadriver. I was a moderator and all in on educating others. My first big call was BIPH. Which was trading on the OTC @ the time. The only chart I can conjure up is on TOS (see attached) and I totally fucked up the trade. But, they also wouldn't let me in. Was bid up too fast and when i finally got in. I sold for a loss on the first shake. So sad. So, depends. Have I been trading for 23 or 12?
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