$SLS I am going to be reposting this often. THE YMB Trolls have been caught out as being paid to post lies there every day. And there seems to be an even greater intensity and nervousness right now. Prolly the 1M short shares sold outstanding the last 2 days and the NOW DWINDLING VOLUME & we all know news is DUE. Short pressure is ratcheting and these lowlife are plumbing the deepest depths of deceit lying about a small co developing real life saving cancer cures for End Stage AML Meso Ovarian cancer patients. I know many of us have REDDIT accounts. I would like to call an ALL LONG HANDS on DECK to bring these lowlife to Reckon attention of the REDDIT APE community. SLS investment Thesis Is Strong. Cash Check, License Money coming in Check, Great Trial Data Check, More Licensing Deals being negotiated Check, Billion $ Market Comps Check $CPXX $GLSI $JAZZ IT IS TIME TO UNLEASH THE SLS KRAKEN Shorts controlled this little bio up til DEC when the $ Came in TIME IS UP THE TIME IS NOW