$TELL @agg89q lil quiet today? Always appreciate your even keeled attitude. 8/3/20 stock was .92, 8/2/21 stock was 3.00, 8/3/22 stock is 3.39. So for traders youve had huge swings for profits-be happy. For long holds you should be up (some up a lot), be happy. But Ive never understood owning a stock and tearing it down. Hell, sell it. But it seems silly to buy tickets to a game, only to sit in the stands and talk sh@t about how your team sucks when they are losing. Hmmm Now if your timing on getting in or out was bad, there's no one to blame but yourself. Quit whining. Been in for 26 months and I've posted maybe 3 times, because I don't care what people guess, and you don't care what I think either. And that's ok. Just relax folks and buy, sell, or hold but support your own decision-don't doubt it, just keep asking questions along the way and buy, sell, or hold. No stress here. Some hit and some don't.