🌅 Premarket watchlist ✅ $BLNK float 19M, up 50% after hours closed at 6.03. Broke recent trend and 52wk high today! California recently mandated commercial trucks go electric starting in 2024, all-EV by 2045! ✅ $XSPA float 48M, closed at 4.82. Earnings delayed up to 7.6. Announces the Opening of the XpresCheck™ Pilot Program for Airport Employees at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 4; The First Full Service, In-Airport, Testing Facility in the U.S. Still waiting news release on New York and New Jersey. ✅$CBAT float 27M nice 14% after hours closed at .91. Spike on announcement on Investment in Lithium Battery Project in Jiangsu Province, China. ✅ $HEPA float 9M, up 24%, closed at 3.36 on news announcing Advancement to Final Dose Level in Ongoing Multiple Ascending Dose Clinical Study of CRV431EDIS. ✅ $CANF up 10%, closed at 2.40. Expecting filing of IND for COVID-19 and Phase II anytime end of June. Have a peaceful night 🙏 Safe Trading Tomorrow 👍
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