$XSPA Repost of dougs track record i got off his linkdin: 1. Real Estate Development Manager- Ritz camera/image Started in lease administration, then quickly advanced into real estate deal gaining responsibility for 1/3 of US (East Coast) and adding 20-25 new stores per year. 2. Real Estate Development Manager -Blockbuster Responsible for portfolio management and new store growth adding 30-40 new stores per year. • Growth, revenue and profit numbers were consistently 1 of the top 3 in the US (of a 20 person peer set). 3. Starbucks- • Consistently delivered growth, sales and profit performance ranking in the top 3 of a cadre of 20 Development Managers in the US. Credited with opening MANY new starbucks stores in new locations there is a plethora to post of these. 4. Becomes ceo of joe coffee company solely because the company wants him to roll out a whole new growth based plan. Developed the first 3 year growth strategy; turned around negative same
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