$ADMA when you think about the value of ADMA with 59 million shares issued and outstanding at $4.55 a share, that equals $268 Million Market Capitalization. However, that is merely the estimated replacement cost of just the Boca Roton, Florida Manufacturing Facility. Therefore, the Florida production facility theoretically equals the entire current Market Cap. So, the "Efficient Markets" are estimating ADMA's 3 recent FDA Drug Approvals, the reported $82 Million Cash on Hand($1.40 Share), the $40 million in existing inventory, the $15 Billion current addressable Market facing severe shortages, which is estimated to grow to $25 Billion by 2025, and the future expanded Labels & future R&D Pipeline of additional products all together at a combined value of.....ZERO. Makes one wonder..."Should I Buy, or Sell...???"
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